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Membrane Keypad Solutions

RH Technical Industries is a leading European manufacturer of membrane keypads and keyboard assemblies. We have achieved market recognition for the supply of high quality, reliable, custom keypad solutions using membrane switch technology.

Keypads are an economical alternative to conventional mechanical switches, and are used extensively in a wide range of electronic applications and industries. They are manufactured from polyester or incorporate a printed circuit board as the circuit layer. Overlay and spacer can be provided for assembly to your PCB if required. They are supplied with a flexible tail for connection while PCB based designs can incorporate connectors on the rear for the connection of ribbon cable or similar.

Our engineering knowledge and application experience is second to none. We utilise state-of-the-art screen printing, colour matching, cutting, laminating, and testing in the development of keypad solutions.

From prototype design to delivery of production parts RHTI can confidently take on your project challenges. Our engineers are available to support and guide you through the design options assuring that we provide a cost effective solution to your requirements.

The low profile ease of custom design and shape make membrane switch keypads the technology of choice for many industrial, commercial and consumer products.

Embossing can enhance the visual appeal of your product, and can also add a practical element in the process. Types of embossed finishes include; dome, pillow, rim, Braille or decorative.

Membrane switch keypads give total freedom to the designer. Being light in weight and thin in construction, this ultra reliable technology has already been adopted by industry sectors for product use in a variety of environments.

Membrane keypad design options:
  • Materials
  • Tactile / Non-Tactile
  • Embossing
  • Circuit design
  • Shielding
  • Embedded components
  • Secret-til-Lit
  • Colours: metallic & pearlescent
  • Selective textures
  • Filters
  • Backlighting
  • PCBs
  • Support panels
  • Assembly service
  • Keypad applications

RHTI has the experience in design , manufacture and application of membrane technology to help customers make the right switch for its future products.