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Resin Domed Labels and Badges

Resin domed labels and badges give your brand a new depth.

To Emphasise or Protect your Brand.

Domed Labels, known by many different names (Domed Badges, Resin Domes, Resin Labels or 3D Stickers), are created by applying a liquid polyurethane resin to the surface of a label or a component.

So, why would you want to set your logo into a clear resin bubble? Two main reasons are complementary to each other. First is for aesthetic reasons; the resin makes your brand look opulent, giving your product an appearance of class and style. The second is for protection, where the resin creates a protective resilient layer that encapsulates the label. In conclusion, the labels can now withstand punishment from impact, scratching, and extreme weather.


For instance, say your product is heavy machinery and has a long working life. Your brand image needs to last as well. Resin doming helps keep your logo looking as good as when you applied the label to your product. Therefore, Resin domed labels are a logical choice if you want a great look and the long life expectancy you require in a label.

Alternatively, some businesses require a resin dome applied directly to controls for pure functionality. Resin is fused onto the keypad of the human-machine interface (HMI) to create exceptional product customisation or for a tactile user response.

Limpsfield Resin Dome Badges

A robust solution to a range of product needs.

Our custom doming process creates a third dimension to labels and product badges to make the added aesthetics on the label.

Resin domed labels are created by pouring a layer of clear liquid polyurethane (urethane) onto a flat printed label that has been either screen or digitally printed. The surface tension of the resin precisely applied to the label’s surface controls the dome’s shape and size. This measurement flows by surface tension to the edge of the sticker, key or label. The parts then cure by maintaining the temperature and humidity for about 12 hours to allow the liquid to set. The result is a resilient and flexible dome that encapsulates the print inside.

Dome labels are built to last whilst always looking great!

Once the polyurethane dome has set, it is soft to touch and abrasion-resistant, visually transparent, flexible, water, chemical and solvent resistant. Additionally, a domed label also has excellent UV resistance that prevents the glossy clarity from degrading, unlike epoxy domes that can turn yellow and shrink. The surface can withstand impacts, and the dome will reform into its original shape over time.

Typical Applications Include;

  • Product brand labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Corporate name badges
  • Plus more

Shhet of Resin Dome stickers - LPCD

A cross section of the layers used to form a resin domed label or stickerSelective Resin Doming through fish eye lens

Domed graphic overlays and membrane keypads enhance the user experience.

Resin doming is a modern process solution applied directly to a graphic overlay or membrane keypad. The key profile is an essential factor in the product design and user experience.

Unlike resin domed labels and badges, where the resin flows to the edge and is held in place by surface tension, RH can resin individual dome keys within the keypad design. This doming can add depth and a tactile response directly to the profile of the key. The user can now quickly locate key profiles by the sense of touch when obscured vision occurs.

If the user is wearing gloves or PPE, tactile metal domes installed under the membrane switch helps end-users when actuating a key. Another interface option to consider is the inclusion of Thin-Film Backlighting to illuminate an LED upon the operation of a key. Therefore, both of these applications are ideal for when a user may not be able to see the key directly or is working in a low light environment.

Typical applications include:

  • Machine Controls
  • Emergency Systems
  • Lighting Switches
  • Marine Interfaces
  • Military HMIs

To learn how we can help with your Resin Dome needs, contact the RH team by calling: 01264 721450

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