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In-House Engineering and Design support

Do you need technical help engineering the perfect interface or need creative inspiration to turn that great idea into a striking new label?

We are the experts here to help you!

One of the most important services that RH offers is our dedication to supporting customer needs. Our diligence helps us stand above the competition by supplying direct In-House Engineering, as well as print and logistics support. Our knowledgeable engineers, printers and customer service department can all help you at any stage of production to ensure your product is second to none. Furthermore, we can help troubleshoot and streamline any issue that you might be struggling to resolve and work a solution into the tightest of production schedules. In conclusion, RH will find a practical solution that works well with your needs and time restraints. Finding solutions by engineering the perfect interface!

Engineering the perfect interface - RH reviews designs and offers solutions

Transforming your ideas into product reality

Do you need assistance with the design of your product or maybe all you have is a great concept? Our skilled in-house engineering and design support team have the expertise and creativity to give your products the impact they deserve. We can create original artwork in-house or can work with your supplied files offering expert advice.

First and foremost, understanding a customer’s needs is paramount to creating a product that is fit for its purpose. Our team can work as an extension of your team. If you contact us earlier in your product development cycle, we can help guide you through every difficult design and functionality issue. Your final interface will be exactly as you require and how you imagined it to be. RH will remove all the hurdles along the way to the finish line making the development and manufacturing as simple as possible for your business. We want to make sure you create the best product for your needs; functional, robust and ergonomic for your end-users.

Engineering the perfect interface - RH colour matching for approval

Colour and finish

Our state-of-the-art colour matching spectrophotometer and ink dispensing machine ensure accurate and consistent colour matching time after time.

We can work with Pantone® and RAL colour systems, or we can produce a unique colour match from our gamut of available colours, including uncoated and coated solid colours, metallics, pearlescent or translucent effects. Coupled with a range of gloss, semi-gloss and textured finishes, there is no doubt we can make your product stand out from the crowd.


What is an IEC IP rating

An IP rating is the standard drawn up by the IEC to determine how resistant an electrical device is to solids and liquids. The first digit rates resistance to solids the second digit rates resistance to water. Therefore, six means no “harmful” dirt entered the unit after eight hours of direct contact. Furthermore, seven means the item is protected from immersion at a depth of up to 1 meter for up to 30 mins.

IP Ratings

 Engineering the perfect interface - RH supplying print samples for approval

The approval process

Before the commencement of any new job or the modification of an existing part, an electronic PDF proof will be supplied. This includes any required colour swatches used for colour matching. Engineering the perfect interface for all your needs is what we hope to achieve.

If your standards demand an ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) or FAI (First Article Inspection) for new products, this is no problem.

Useful technical data:

(Please download the pdfs for further useful information)


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Our aim

We aim to make doing business with us an effortless experience from project start to product finish

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