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RH has compiled some commonly asked questions to give you more information regarding our engineering, service, and manufacturing solutions.

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Are you looking for some information before reaching out to us? This FAQ page will help answer some of your basic queries. Find details on everything from custom labels and HMI solutions to ordering and customer service.

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Engineering – FAQs

What file types do you accept?
Artworks – Line Contour PDF, EPS or .ai CAD – DXF, DWG

What colour Specifications do you use?
Pantone, RAL, or we can match to a physical sample.

What is the cutting tolerance?
Knife Tooling +/-0.25mm, print to cut +/-0.3mm. Press Tooling +/-0.1mm Print to Cut +/-0.2mm

Will I receive a Proof for approval prior to manufacture?
Yes, we email a PDF Proof document for approval; if applicable, we also send out colour swatches or a colour sample for approval.

What adhesive should I use?
This depends on the material and finish of the surface of the applied part; we can advise the most suitable adhesive.

What materials can I use for plastic labels?
We offer many different materials depending on your application, including self-adhesive Vinyl, PVC, Polycarbonate and Polyester.


What type of connectors can be fitted to Membrane Keypads?
We can fit a generic 2.54mm Pitch SIL connector, or the circuit tails can have bare contacts suitable for 1mm or 0.5mm (FPC Only) ZIF connectors.

What force metal domes can be used in Membrane keypads?
Standard forces are 280g, 340g & 420g, although higher force domes are available.

What types of embossing are available?
In-house RH can offer pillow & dome embossing; we can also provide Rim embossing via a subcontractor.

How many operations can a typical membrane switch perform?
All our membrane keypad constructions have been tested for 1 million operations.

What is the best material for Membrane Keypads?
Polyester offers the best durability & chemical resistance, it is available in different finishes, the most popular being, Fine Matt, Hardcoated Gloss & Antiglare.

Still have a question?

No worries! Our friendly customer service team is always happy to help. Contact us through our website, phone, or email; we’ll gladly assist you.

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