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Metallic Finishes

Hi-Brite is a new metallic finish developed by RH Technical Industries. The finish is subsurface printed onto clear polyester or polycarbonate and is available in matched colours to give a contemporary appearance to overlays, fascias and membrane keypads.

Being highly reflective HI-BRITE can be used as an effective focal feature, complementary to an intricate design or aligned to one or more of the many other special effects available from RHTI.

By selectively applying our textured or patterned hard coatings to the top surface of the film we can affect the brightness and reflectivity of HI-BRITE, the film and feel of the surface, all of which can be used to influence the design and function of the part. Depending upon the design, we can emboss the film to highlight keypads or other functional features.

Special Effects:
  • Pearlescent colours
  • Luminescent finishes
  • Secret-till-lit icons
  • 4 and 6 colour process
  • Half tone and graduated image
  • Customised background patterns such as grain, weave or mottle
  • Display windows for electronic displays
  • Selective hard coat surface textures, patterns and brush finishes
  • Embossing

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.