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Antimicrobial Protection

A material that is increasingly requested to meet a very specific need is antimicrobial polyester. This textured plastic film was developed by MacDermid Autotype, one of our main partners and suppliers of plastic film materials. MacDermid Autotype markets this unique material under the name AUTOTEX AM.

Autotex AM incorporates Microban® anti microbial product protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew that can cause odours, stains and product degradation. The Microban® protection is incorporated into the top-surface textured hard coat during the manufacturing process, ensuring an even distribution of the antimicrobial agent throughout the entire surface of your membrane switch overlay.


  • Top surface material Hard-coated, textured, with Microban® protection.
  • Second surface material coated with an ink receptive primer that allows excellent adhesion to a wide range of            solvent-based and UV graphic screen-printing inks.
  • Compatible with the use of Autotype Windotex allowing for the fabrication of clear non-textured display                       windows.
  • Fine low gloss hard coated texture.
  • Embossable.
  • Long flex life.
  • Resistant to many chemicals and household cleaners.

Called Autotex AM, this unique, hard coated polyester film substrate incorporates built-in Microban antimicrobial protection, making it the first material of its type to inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, mould and mildew.  The film substrate has been developed and designed specifically for the overlay film on any surface application, for instance membrane keypads and fascia panels where durability and anti-microbial protection are essential.


For end-use applications where the maintenance and the control of cleanliness is a determining factor, RH Technical Industries offers Autotex AM for the following sectors of activity:

  • Hospitals, medical centres, convalescent and nursing homes
  • Schools and learning centers
  • Government offices
  • Restaurants, cafeterias, etc.
  • Airports and other transportation centres
  • Hotels and convention centres
  • Shopping malls, retail centres, grocery stores

Note: Microban protection does not replace normal cleaning practices and does not protect the user from disease-causing organisms.

*Microban is a registered trade mark of Microban Products Company.