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UEFA Euro charity giveaway

Chris, one of our very experienced screen-printers, won our UEFA Euro charity giveaway. He donated the prize to Jamie G Sporting Trust who support youth activities.


UEFA Euro charity giveaway

A year overdue, the European Championships was thrilling to watch for all of us, bringing another bit of normality back into our lives with 30 days of Football! Like many companies around Europe, we held our own little staff tournament. However, considering how charities have struggled over the last year, RH wanted to add a charity donation to the pot. The winner of our tourney would also receive £100 for a charity of their choosing! We were going to triple this prize of our Euro charity giveaway if one of the three home nations won the final! Sadly, this didn’t happen. Maybe in Qatar next year?


UEFA EURO 2020 2021 charity giveaway


The RH company Euro 2021 staff tournament winner is… “Chris Robinson”.
Chris is one of our very experienced Screen Printers and an important member of our team. He was rewarded with a £100 prize to donate to a charity of his choosing.

Chris is an enthusiastic athlete and footballer. Therefore, he would like to give to a charity that is close to his heart. Chris has selected the Jamie G Sporting Trust who support youth sporting activities in the Andover area.

The benefit a child gains from these clubs is long-lasting. Sports offer children better mental and physical well-being and add enhanced community spirit, with reduced anti-social behaviour. Proudly, this Trust has provided a controlled distribution of funds to help many financially constrained sporting clubs for the youth of Andover over the last 12 years.

Jamie G Sporting Trust Logo

“Jamie G Sporting Trust awards financial grants for kit and equipment, supporting coaches that work with young people, and will consider other methods of support that align with our mission.”