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Always reviewing products with Quality Control

Following ISO 9001 guidelines and checking our Quality Control, RH has created respect within the industry that we pride ourselves on!

Pt2 In-house Capabilities - Quality Control Department

Always reviewing products with Quality Control

Quality Assurance (QA) is a system used to prevent defects from occurring during the manufacture of products and services. Working to a planned process and documentation set out in our ISO 9001 certification, RH consistently manufactures high-quality parts. By adhering closely to ISO guidelines through each department controls the consistency and reliability of an item. Only after each check is signed off will a product finally pass through Quality Control (QC). Finally moving to despatch where the products are sent out to the customer.

“Making sure everything is perfect is critical to RH in supporting customer business. So that is why every product, component and label must pass through the Quality Control department with flying colours.” ~ David Campbell – RH Sale Manager


Printwork and Electrical Compliance

For labels and graphic overlays, the engineering and production team stringently review all the visible features. From colour matching, print quality, product dimensions, transparency of colour and registration. Making sure secret-til-lit locations are visible and windows viewable. With non-visible features such as circuitry, RH requires further performance tests. Membrane Switches and keypads are placed into a small electrical jig that connects the interface to a computer. Then all of the controls are tested to confirm the correct electrical response. Only with a pass from the PCs test software does a product proceed to despatch. Considering much of our work supports the health care and military sectors, these products have to work exactly as the end-user expects.

In conclusion, QA is a process to prevents defects and QC and process to detect defects. Neither process works without the other! The smooth running of our ISO standards help to reduces the manufacturing costs of a product. Saving both production time and material waste benefits both our customers and us. RH Technical Industries Ltd. has built a highly regarded reputation with the industry due to our stringent QA and QC. We, as a business, are always striving for the goal of Total Quality Management, with every single unit perfect from start to finish!