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NHS Test and Trace: Protecting our staff as lockdown eases.

RH's continued measures will ensure our staff and eventual visitors will all remain safe!

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RH Protecting our staff with NHS Test and Trace Kits

NHS Test and Trace: Protecting our staff as lockdown eases.

Over the last year of lockdown, we’ve been implementing Government, NHS and SAGE medical advice. By running various programmes to shield staff, create bubbles, and improve work hygiene, we have prevented Covid from entering our business. Like many other businesses, we have adapted our working procedures to enable ‘Covid-safe’ working. Some practices are inconvenient compared to how the company used to run, but we understand that a bit of inconvenience is far preferable to the virus and business closure. We want to continue protecting our staff as lockdown eases!

RH receiving delivery of NHS Test and Trace Kits on a pallet with fork lift

We commend all our staff for stepping up and going beyond requirements during this busy year. Our commitment to the medical sector has been crucial to helping the NHS. As we start to see some light at the end of the tunnel, the NHS is now helping us! We have just received our first shipment of 700+ NHS Test and Trace lateral flow Covid-19 test kits.

Until recently, RH staff have been visiting a local community testing facility to get regular virus testing carried out. Whilst this was an excellent facility and relatively close to our site – the time taken to test obviously resulted in a loss of productivity.  Now our staff can take their NHS kits home with them and test in the privacy of their own homes. Each employee is requested to test themselves twice weekly then report the results to both the company and the government tracing website. These continued measures ensure all our staff and eventual visitors will all stay safe!

Helpful advice below: How to do an NHS rapid lateral flow test.