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Are you planning new product development for 2024?

Make your new product development for 2024 perfect! RH will mitigate any possible manufacturing problems to remove any worries.

Membrane Keypads
New Products Development for 2024

Are you planning new product development for 2024?

Making the Right Choice

Planning new product development for 2024? The user interface (UI) you choose is crucial. A well-designed UI can make or break your product’s success. In today’s world, users expect modern interactive devices to be intuitive and user-friendly. That’s why careful planning and collaboration with all your suppliers is essential.

Partnering for Success

Getting RH Technical Industries Ltd. involved early (at the concept stage) is a smart way to streamline your project. This ensures your membrane keypads are perfectly suited to their purpose. We work with you from concept design through prototyping approvals and all the way into production. Our expertise helps you avoid potential manufacturing problems, leading to a smoother production process and peace of mind.

product development for 2024

Experience Matters in product development for 2024

At RH, we have extensive experience in product interface design. We offer a variety of interface solutions to fit the specific needs of your concept design. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies. They boast comprehensive experience designing and manufacturing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for demanding markets such as medical, military, industrial, and aerospace. Each of these markets has unique operational needs and often requires meeting strict environmental specifications.

Beyond Traditional Solutions

In addition to traditional membrane switch technology, RH offers the latest advancements in capacitive switching and touchscreen interfaces.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t let production hassles slow you down. Call RH today and book a product review with our engineering team. We’ll help you achieve a flawless new product launch in 2024.