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Moving the Assembly Department

Moving the Assembly Department took great planning and hard graft to get back up and running in just over 3 hours!

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Moving the Assembly Department

Moving the Assembly Department

On Friday, we moved the Assembly Department in line with the planned expansion of our production space. This move logically places Assembly and Quality Control right next to the despatch department. This keeps jobs moving in one direction through the company.



At 8 am our team of able bodies were ready to start deconstructing the Assembly Department’s equipment. To begin, we moved the large desks out onto the unit 1 mezzanine before being lowered to the ground floor by forklift and then along to unit 3. In no time at all, the team had moved all the heavy pieces into the new department. After some minor fine-tuning of desk position to satisfy the staff operational needs, we quickly began to rebuild each station as it was before the move. Each computer’s connection into the newly wired network points went without a hitch; Kudos to IT.

Consequentially, everything went exceptionally well, and by 11:00 am, we had most of the stations fully operational again. We even began working on the first new job in the department, and by the end of the day, we had completed the work on an urgent Membrane Switch destined for the EU. Well done to everyone involved!