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The Industrial Sector

Producing rugged interface solutions that are made to last in the toughest working conditions.

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Supplying a full range of controls for Industry

RH control panels come in many shapes and sizes, from large panels operating channel tunnel trains to small smartphone size handheld devices.

Here at RH, we appreciate the broad range of instrumentation required in an industrial workplace. We also understand the constant technological changes in the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) world and how advancement is providing an ever more comprehensive choice of options for our customers.

we can offer a wide range of graphic overlay, membrane keypad, touchscreen and capacitive switch solutions tailored to meet your specific control needs. Whether you want to measure or control the calibration of flow, levels, pressure, temperature, speed, vibration, weight or any other variable, we can provide the right interface solution for your product.

Additional considerations for industrial controls

Many businesses that require industrial instrumentation are in dirty or unclean environments. Instrumentation can be susceptible to dirt and liquid infiltration. Consequently, equipment often needs a thorough cleaning, so it is important that equipment has a precise seal to protect a control panel. Likewise, equipment may also be exposed to violent shaking or sudden case impact from machinery. Therefore, our product must be built to last and need minimal maintenance.

As a supplier of industrial control panels and keypads for many years we have supported many businesses in the following industries/sectors:

  • Chemical handling
  • Water processing
  • Food and drink manufacture
  • Nuclear
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Materials Handling
  • Transportation
  • Construction

To learn how we can help your Industrial sector needs, contact the RH team by calling: 01264 721450

Industrial controls on an offshore oil and gas rigRubber Keypad - emergency stop button for industry equipment

Our aim

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