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The Automotive Sector

With forty years of experience as a trusted supplier to the automotive industry, we provide a wide range of innovative membrane, graphic overlay and labelling solutions.


Morgan Car Interior DashboardGraphic Overlay for Lotus Back lite Car Dashboard

The Automotive industry is a demanding marketplace to support

The vehicle industry expects the highest in quality standards. The components parts for vehicles need to be both aesthetically designed and tough. Historically, RH was initially an award-winning supplier to the Rover group, providing backlit graphics for driver’s cabin control panels. With Rover’s key assets being purchased by Nanjing Automobile Group in 2005; we went on to build a successful B2B network supporting second-tier automotive suppliers, engineering companies and racing teams with integrated facias, control panels and labels. Many of these smaller suppliers needed printed graphic overlays to mount over a wide range of automotive electronic units.

We supported several race teams driving both Lotus and Aston Martin vehicles. These teams required console graphics, under bonnet labelling and backlit graphics for their engine management systems. Obviously racing components need to withstand immense heat, vibration and chemical abuse. In addition, many of these graphic overlays required ingenious solutions to diffuse and balance light across a display and we was able to provide these solutions.

Our goal is to help create a sustainable future

As RH moves forward, our goal would be to grow this area of the business. We would like to find new clients in the world of hybrid and electric vehicles and help them build a sustainable future for domestic and professional transportation. Our aspirations are to help this industry create cleaner vehicles which will improve air quality, reducing noise pollution and hopefully limiting the human effect on fragile ecosystems.

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