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The Aerospace Sector

RH supplies high-quality components to both commercial and military aerospace control industries.

Precision Takes Flight: Delivering Excellence in Aerospace Controls.

The aerospace industry demands unwavering quality, where even the slightest imperfection can have monumental consequences. We understand this critical need at RH, so we employ the highest quality standards in developing and manufacturing high-value parts for modern aerospace controls.

From the intricate mechanisms of cockpit flight systems to the robust displays of in-flight catering equipment, our products are built to withstand the extreme conditions inherent to air travel. Our components stand resilient, thanks to our unwavering commitment to the highest manufacturing guidelines, whether intense stress, searing temperatures, immense pressure, forceful torque, or constant vibration.

Staying Ahead in the Aerospace Age.

No other field has witnessed such rapid technological advancements as aerospace. From the breathtaking moon landing 50 years ago to the cutting-edge stealth aircraft of today, the industry is on a constant, exhilarating quest for progress. We at RH are proud to be part of this journey, constantly researching and innovating to push the boundaries of aerospace design.

Prototyping with Confidence: Bridging the Gap Between Design and Reality.

Understanding the complexities of high-end flight control design and fabrication, we offer a valuable service: working prototypes. These meticulously crafted models allow in-depth product testing, identifying and resolving potential assembly issues before full-scale production begins. This proactive approach translates to smoother manufacturing processes, cost savings, and safer, more reliable air travel.

Whether you require a critical component for a military fighter jet’s control system or ground support equipment for a bustling commercial airline, RH delivers market-leading functionality and unwavering reliability. We are your trusted partner, ensuring every flight takes off with confidence.

Beyond the Cockpit: A Range of Expertise.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the confines of the cockpit. RH is a leading provider of high-quality components for a wide range of aerospace applications, including:

  • External Aircraft Power Systems
  • Air Cargo Solutions
  • Hold Baggage Solutions
  • Checkpoint Solutions
  • Navigation Controls
  • Communication Equipment
  • Refuelling Equipment
  • Airline Catering Equipment
  • Aerospace Labels

Ready to Elevate Your Aerospace Operations?

Contact the RH team today and let us help your business soar to new heights. We are passionate about contributing to the future of aerospace, and we’re confident that our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality can be the fuel your success needs.

Call us at 01264 721450, and let’s chart a course for excellence together!

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