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Metal and Non-Metallic Custom Nameplates

We can supply high quality, traditional metal nameplates as well as new non-metallic options to maximise your product or brand’s aesthetic impact.

Take pride in your brand with Custom Nameplates

RH offers a wide range of custom nameplates in both metallic or non-metallic materials. A nameplate is entirely customisable to your unique requirements and display conditions. Metal nameplates are a popular choice as their composition is durable in extreme conditions and also communicates a strong message. You would find such long-lasting nameplate on the SS Great Britain or Flying Scotsman as a statement of pride and reliability.

Many nameplates may need to be resistant to heat, grease, oil, solvents, chemicals and saltwater…


We can guide you through the selection of different materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass and Anodised Aluminium as each material has unique qualities and offers different results.

In different working conditions, a non-metallic material may be a better selection. For example, you might require a non-conductive nameplate for an electrical device. Finally, your nameplate may last for generations, but it also needs to stay in place. We can advise on options of fixing with bolt holes or special adhesives.

From the Renaissance to the Modern World

Etching into metal is a traditional skill dating from the early 1500s. Applying acid to an unprotected area of metal creates an intaglio surface. This surface can be as simple as letters or as elaborate as the designs by Albrecht Dürer. Etching still remains a critical technique for modern business.

Many businesses still use etched plate technology today, but over the last 500 years, the print industry has found many other ways to produce a metal label or nameplate. Today, the options in materials and printing technology are staggering. With a wide selection of material substrates and an equally comprehensive means of transferring images onto a surface, you will find our solutions are as broad as your imagination. What you will find hasn’t changed since the Renaissance is the need to make a nameplate that will withstand the test of both time and the conditions.

Metal nameplates are used in a variety of situations to exemplify a company’s brand or logo. You may want a long-lasting nameplate to withstand the harshest of working conditions and prevent deterioration. For example, an etched metal plate used on a North Sea oil rig will last many years when other labels will quickly degrade in the abrasive extremes of marine saltwater conditions.

Albrecht Dürer Renaissance Etching, Saint Jerome in His Study 1514RH Brushmetal Nameplate w black print

Metal warning name plates in a lift elevatorLaser Engraving of nameplates

A variety of custom nameplate options

RH can supply hard-wearing nameplates on a selection of different materials, with the option to etch, engrave, emboss or print onto many surfaces. To add a protective layer, you can reverse print onto the substrate. This underprint creates a barrier between the ink and the environment. Finally, you could seal your nameplate design in a selective resin dome. The resin protects the colour and detail of your design for decades. So, if you require traditional metal nameplate or a non-metallic/plastic nameplate, RH can help you create your lasting image for a variety of different working conditions.

Materials available include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polystyrene
  • Reflective or Holographic Vinyl

All the products can all be made to your unique specifications and are available in a range of sizes, shapes, colours, materials and finishes.

To learn how we can help with your Nameplate needs, contact the RH team by calling: 01264 721450

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