Custom Printed Labels will reinforce your brand as the Right Choice!

We understand that your label represents your brand, conveys your product’s quality, provides essential product information and generates sales appeal. In a nutshell, you need the great label your product deserves. Call us and let’s talk labels.

Why do your products need quality custom printed labels?

You have taken months to create an outstanding product. You have planned for every contingency and you know your product is designed right. Having done all the hard work, you must now reach your target audience and make sure your product stands apart from the competition. It is true to say that human nature or emotions are still what really drives purchasing behaviour. Before a potential customer has read any supporting text, in less than 50 milliseconds, a first impression is already in place. Regardless of any features or benefits, you must first appeal to the customers subconscious decision-making process. This is why quality custom labels are so important to your brand these days.


Reach out and grab the attention of your customers with an engaging design. Give a great product a great look. RH are accustomed to helping clients produce the highest quality in custom labels. We can assist you through the infinite combination of size, colour, material, adhesive and finish to arrive at the perfect look. The vast experience we have supplying technically ambitious labels to our customers always shows through as a quality printed product. Most importantly a quality printed label can help influence customers purchasing decisions.

Here are some factors to bear in mind prior to designing your label and beginning the RH label production process.

  • Communicating your Brand
  • Artistic Flair and Technical Know-How
  • Represent Quality
  • Stick to almost any Substrate
  • Survive in Harsh Environments
  • Display Variable Data (if required)

Point of sale display for Carling beerBranded custom labels in sheet format

Communicating your brand.

Your company has a solid reputation and a great product, but this will all be judged by your product labelling. Your labels need to communicate your brand and what it stands for. It must have a visually eye-catching design, but also deliver all the technical specifications you require. RH has six decades of experience helping customers design, fine-tune, print and deliver a full range of labelling options.

Options to consider:

  • A wide range of substrate materials
  • Textile surfaces
  • Unique finishes and printing effects
  • Embossing and Doming
  • Bespoke Die Cutting
  • A range of special inks including metallics and varnishes

Together we can create the exact custom label you want, and meet the many technical specifications required.

Artistic flair and technical know-how create visually striking labels

With over 60 years of experience helping customers, we know that artistic flair and technical know-how will help to provide the best solution for both you and your product. Whether your needs are for a decorative or a functional custom label, RH can fully support you through the design and manufacturing process.

Represent Quality

RH insist on quality every step of the way. Having the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 globally recognised standard assures that we consistently produce a high-quality product to exacting specification.

We pride ourselves on going beyond what is mandatory. All our staff are fully trained and take pride in producing high quality and exceptional products.

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Quality Policy



Stick to any substrate

A great looking label that doesn’t stick, or peels off over time, is a disaster for your product and your company brand image. Selecting the right adhesive and ink combination is a vital decision.

We have the experience and expertise to identify the properties of almost any substrate, and then recommend the best adhesive to deliver optimal results.

Product surface factors to consider:

  • Surface energy – high or low
  • Textured or smooth
  • Flat or curved
  • Painted, unfinished or powder coating

Survive in harsh environments

What are the environmental demands? A label on a tractor, a car battery, a wine bottle or a cricket bat have very different requirements.

Environmental factors to consider include:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Desired longevity
  • Tamper evidence

We have the know-how to help you design, and then produce labels that will cope with the harshest of conditions.

Display variable data

Many labels require variable data to mark products with individualised and sequential serial numbers or QR codes. We can easily include this requirement for your product.

Custom Labels with QR Codes

A range of Gunn & Moore cricket bat stickers

Other Labels