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See How RH is Investing in the Future

RH Technical Industries are currently investing considerably into the longevity, flexibility and functionality of their business.

RH Blog - Investing in the future. Preco Die Cutter

See How RH is Investing in the Future

The challenge for many businesses these days is to meet the growing needs of an ever-diversifying client base. With this goal in mind, RH Technical Industries are investing in the future; adding to the longevity, flexibility and functionality of the business. This growth within the company, despite the pandemic, has been concentrated within two areas; equipment and staff. In short, newer equipment offers better solutions to productivity with a slicker final product, whilst new staff provide fresh ideas and the ability to better serve the customer’s needs.


Recently, RH has added a new engineer, Hugo, to the team. Utilising his knowledge has helped customers design more functional interfaces and resolve technical issues before they enter production. (Maybe a bit more details about Hugo’s expertise or strengths?) Hugo’s experience is a welcome addition to a solid team.


Production machinery is a critical investment for a company. New equipment needs to support not only all the existing production requirements but also offer better solutions for tooling, time and quality. Currently, RH is in the process of purchasing a new Preco die cutting machine. This new kit would replace the previous Preco; which has been a most trustworthy machine over the years. Considering the reliability of the existing Preco, sourcing a new one was the logical choice. Consequently, this new investment will offer much greater adaptability and save both time and tooling costs.

The new ergonomically designed Preco Die Cutting machines will increase our production efficiency through the modernisation of existing onboard tools. The addition of a new door and form registration system will greatly reduce tooling set up times and change over, as will the automated die-cutting equipment which replaces the need for some expensive tooling. The option of running materials in either a roll or sheet format, add additional choice. For precise cutting, the apparatus also includes a precision registration camera. The range of materials and tolerances you can select with this machinery is genuinely staggering. (paper, cloth, foam, plastic, polymer, leather, acrylic, adhesive laminates and soft metals.) This new equipment, when it arrives at RH, will significantly improve the interface and label possibilities.


The Features and Benefits:

  • Micrometre Stop Depth – Accurate to ± 13 µm, or ± 0.0005 inches.
  • Quick Change Tooling – Steel-rule die boards changeover in less than 30 seconds.
  • Simple Make-ready Technique – The most straightforward mounting of die boards in the industry.
  • Roll Feed Transport – Roll feeding keeps the operator’s hands from entering an unsafe area.
  • Touch Panel Control – All the work orders and controls stored in one microprocessor.
  • Exact Registration System – Camera registration accurate to ± 25 µm, or ± 0.0001 inches.
  • Modular Accessories – Improve converting capabilities.