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Membrane Keypad / Membrane Switch

Membrane Keypads / Membrane Switches may have a multitude of design options and features. RH assists the development of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) helping projects find the right manufacturing solutions!

Membrane Keypad Medical Syringe Pump

RH aims to make your Membrane Keypad design process easier!

We have vast experience assisting electronic OEMs in the design and production of quality membrane keypad/membrane switch projects that often need a little guidance from concept design through to production. Here are some helpful points to consider to better streamline your design for production. You will need to consider many alternatives that will affect what is ideal for your interface’s functionality. Our skilled in-house engineers can share their knowledge to assist your design team in manufacturing. Whether you need a sealed HMI to protect from contaminants or a fantastic backlit effect for low-light, we have a solution.

Design areas to consider:

  • Eye-Catching Graphics
  • Reliability & Customisation
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sealability
  • Illumination/Backlighting
  • Tactile Feedback and Embossing
  • Selective Resin Doming
  • Shielding
  • Antimicrobial protection

Add Eye-Catching Graphics to your Membrane Keypad / Membrane Switch.

RH supplies many types of graphic overlays as a part of our complete print service. These overlays are custom made, and either provided as a standalone product or as part of the constructed top layer of a membrane switch. Graphic overlays provide the direct interface between the product and the end-user. So, they must be robust and indicate clearly switch locations and functionality. With RH’s innovative digital and screen printing solutions, we will expertly represent your brand.

Graphic Overlays

Membrane Keypad w embossing and metallic effect - close up

Membrane Keypad / Membrane Switch Templates for multiple purposes - close up

Reliability and Customisation.

Membrane switches have been a mainstay of electronic devices for several decades. All of us are in daily contact with membrane interfaces at the office and in our homes. Many electronic devices use membrane technology. They are proven to be an extremely reliable and durable solution in HMIs. Their ultra-customisable solutions to HMIs have made them a prime choice in multiple market sectors, including medical, military, industrial controls, security and aviation.

Easy Cleaning.

If your device is operating in a dirty or dusty environment and maintaining a high level of cleanliness is essential (such as in a medical or laboratory environment), membrane keypads can offer a great solution. Unlike mechanical switches that allow dirt and particles to fall in between the keys, membrane keypads have no gaps. For added protection, we can also produce parts using antimicrobial materials*.


If there is a risk to your product from moisture, water or chemical ingress, sealing the membrane keypads will be sealed against these threats. A full perimeter gasket can seal the switch and the enclosure to which it is mounted. This process will protect the internal controls from the external working conditions. We can meet the European IP rating standards, which define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies and moisture.

IP Standards


Membrane Keypad / Membrane Switch with Rubber Keypad inserts to seal verses liquid ingress.


These days, there is an increase in the use of plastics in place of metals for manufacturing casings for electronic and electrical equipment. This more cost-effective material may cause EMC, RFI and ESD interference and create operational problems. To resolve this issue, we can provide various shielding options to protect your equipment against the induced currents caused by electromagnetic interference.

Backlighting your Membrane Keypad.

The primary role of backlighting a membrane keypad/membrane switch is to highlight essential functions and illuminate the control panel in low light conditions. It also can be used for aesthetic purposes to enhance brand image and quality. We can offer the full range of backlighting options, including Light Guide Film (LGF), Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), Acrylic Light Tiles and Electroluminescence (EL). RH has supplied many backlighting solutions in various market sectors, including industrial control equipment, remote controllers, laboratory equipment, vehicle dashboards, medical devices, consumer appliances, and much more.

LED Backlighting - Green LED lights

Tactile Feedback and Embossing.

Membrane Keyboard Fire Alarm Control Panel with Embossing - close up

Tactile feedback lets the user know through a palpable click that a button has been pressed. Constructing buttons with a metal or polyester dome under the graphic overlay layer will achieve this tactile effect. The domes can be offered in a variety of heights, sizes, and shapes which allows for customisation of the actuation force. This is the haptic feeling a user gets when the button or switch operates.

Embossing is a popular choice for modern membrane keypads as it has dual functionality. It can draw attention to specific buttons and make them easier to press while making the HMI more cosmetically attractive. You can choose from several embossing options including dome, pillow and rim.

Selective Resin Doming.

Membrane Switch with Selective Resin Doming for better tactile response - close up

A further enhancement includes selective polyurethane resin doming as part of your membrane keypad or graphic overlay design. This encapsulation creates a high gloss raised area over the button between 1.0 and 1.5mm high, depending on the size of the component. A keypad can accommodate almost any shape, with the dome creating an eye-catching 3D effect highlighting the button area. Furthermore, the domed keys can be laminated to a metal dome circuit to create a distinctive tactile feel. This gives valuable feedback to the operator when using your product.

Domed Labels

Antimicrobial Protection*

In specific environments, especially medical, you often require an exceptionally reliable HMI to withstand rigorous chemical cleaning routines.

In these situations, you might want to create a product that goes the extra mile in helping protect both staff and patients from transmittable contagion. If you need your product to go to this even higher level, we can use materials that incorporate built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection. This protective coating makes Microban® the first material of its type to inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, including E. Coli mould and mildew. Used in conjunction with regular cleaning, Microban® dramatically reduces health risks.

Footnote: Microban® protection does not replace regular cleaning practices and does not protect the user from disease-causing organisms.

*Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban® Products Company

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Solutions for different market sectors

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RH insist on quality every step of the way. The BS EN ISO 9001:2015 globally recognised standard assures that we consistently produce a high-quality product to exacting specifications.


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