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A Quality Solution to your Industrial Labelling Needs

RH provides solutions that exceed every Industrial Labelling need your business could desire. Rugged, creative and cost-effective! Contact us to discuss your next project.

Industrial Labelling Needs

A Quality Solution to your Industrial Labelling Needs

As an established and well-respected manufacturer of industrial labelling needs, RH has created print solutions for a wide range of market sectors. Our core work revolves around highly technical Medical, Laboratory, Military and Security sectors. Additionally, we also cater to the needs of the Industrial, Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Retail, Leisure and Sports industries. Every label supplies a unique answer to a customer’s specific requirements, from the simplest of code numbers to complex and creative branded labels. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Plastic Labels, Graphic overlays and Membrane keypads, we work closely with your designers to meet every possible project need. Please follow the hyperlinks below for more information on printed electronic control overlays or operational keypads.

Membrane Keypads       Graphic Overlays

Branded custom labels in sheet format
Printed Plastic Labels

Focusing specifically on what types of labels RH offers, our customers regularly require a plethora of different solutions. Our experienced staff are on hand to guide you through the many alternatives, as we aim to make your projects effortless from conception through to delivery.

Industrial labelling needs are not like traditional marketing labels. Regardless of any visual similarities, the complexities involved in every other aspect of the label need careful consideration. These labels aren’t a temporary fix; they need to survive specific and sometimes extreme working conditions. The type of plastic, the thickness, the durability, the flexibility, the inks, the finish and the adhesive all play a significant role in the product’s long life span.


  1. Polyester
  2. Polycarbonate
  3. Vinyl
  4. Mark resistant PVC
  5. Rigid plastics

Thickness: .14 up to .9mm (with print capabilities up to 40mm thickness in some cases.)

Ink Effects:

  1. Gradients/Vignettes
  2. Custom spot colours
  3. Fades
  4. Metallic
  5. Neon
  6. Pearlescent inks
  7. Mirror reflective
  8. UV lacquers
  9. Photographic-quality images


  1. Matt
  2. Glossy
  3. Anti-glare
  4. Textured
  5. Selective textures
  6. UV stabilised
  7. Patterned
  8. Textile surfaces
  9. Metals (e.g. brushed aluminium, stainless steel)
  10. Antimicrobial
  11. Autotex Soft touch
  12. Resin Doming
  13. Selective Resin Doming
  14. Embossing

Adhesives: A vast range of industry-standard adhesives and spacer tapes for every type of environment.

There are so many design and production choices available. However, you don’t need to guess. Our team can help you select the best options during an initial product review. Finally, RH has all the in-house equipment to handle any type of manufacturing. Prepress, tooling, digital and screen printing and an in-depth forms department for post-press finishing. Our flexibility means we can handle everything from simple low volume jobs to high volume complex automation.

Kiss Cut Label Sets

There is usually a need for supporting Label sets during an HMI project. Label sheets hold all the individual labels needed during a product’s assembly. This print is generally one sheet of a substrate with multiple product stickers labels of different sizes and shapes used to adorn the device’s panels with logos, instructions and information.

Custom Labels QR Codes

QR Codes

RH can easily print barcodes. Barcodes and QR codes may be required to link the product to a stock inventory system.

Sequential Numbering

These labels uniquely identify a code number used to track a product’s lifespan. We have software that changes the information and makes every sticker label a unique number.

Case Study

Window Stickers

 RH can make decals and stickers to handle all the elements if your retail marketing campaign requires durable print. Bright and colourful with reverse printed substrate protection

Custom Label Cricket Bat Sticker Embossing and fine detail

Equipment Branding

RH can create product labels and stickers that are not only visually engaging but built beyond rugged! Some labels may have to endure submersion, chemicals solvents, heat, dust, bacterial contaminants or repeated impact. For example, a small niche of our business creates professional-level Cricket Bat Stickers. These stickers need to meet the stringent guidelines set out by the professional governing body of cricket. The stickers are generally colourful and very creative. RH combines ink effects and unique finishes that are always initiative and proudly stand out on Television. Consequentially, items such as Cricket bat stickers are all about perfect branding, but perfection also needs to look good after months in the crease.

Resin Domed Labels

Resin domed labels can make a powerful first impression with their opulent finish, but this same finish makes resin domes almost indestructible.

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Tamper Evident / Security Labels

Plastic tamper labels offer a high level of security! Once a package has been opened, the label leaves behind a warning message indicating that the product has previously been interfered with.

Harsh Environment Labels

To summarise, any label that needs to stay put for years or even decades must have the correct durable construction. If the environment is corrosive or viral the surface must be imperious and impenetrable. When the environment is dusty or dirty it must be easy to clean. If the environment is humid or wet the label needs to be sealed with firm adhesive or watertight. There are so many different combinations of Industrial Labelling needs that it is impossible to illustrate them all in one blog. The right solution to your next print project is simple. Contact our helpful RH team where we will help find the right solution to your unique needs. Place your order, relax and await delivery.