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HR improvements that benefit everyone

Working under a mountain of paperwork isn't much fun when you can have the clouds instead.

Businessman buried under paperwork - RH has a new HR system

HR improvements that benefit everyone.

For over 25 years we have used the HR / H&S advisory platform, Croners.  We identified that we could use the developing technology to streamline our HR systems.  At the start of 2021, we launched a new company handbook and refreshed our Statement of Terms and now we have gone a step further and introduced a new product from Croner. Our new system works on any electronic device whether it is desktop, laptop, or mobile. This empowers our staff to communicate with the HR department, feasibly, from anywhere in the world. While you are on the go.

The software we have changed to is called “Bright HR” it can be accessed via an app and is very easy to use. It helps us manage holidays, sickness, leave, training, and expenses all on a cloud-based system with unlimited document storage.  All the information for each employee now sits within their own personal accounts which can be easily retrieved. The app also includes two-way communication that ties in with Microsoft 365, it helps both the employees and the HR department become more productive and improves communication.  Important documents such as the Employee Handbook are also held electronically on Bright HR.

Bright HR

Using clouds not trees

Working under a mountain of paperwork isn’t much fun when you can have the clouds instead. This new communication system has proven to be a logical step forward for RH as we help to build a sustainable future for the business. Now our staff working in the office, print dept., engineering, production, out on the road or working from home all have the same ease of keeping in touch. All of their personal records updatable at a touch of a button. Our goal has always been to improve the business in a way that benefits our staff, which in turn improves our customer’s journey. If your business hasn’t gone digital yet, this is something to consider. The practical benefits of a digital system are clearly apparent to us. Finally, it will help to adjust your carbon footprint as you save some trees!