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Nigel is Hanging up his Coveralls

Nigel has been an intricate part of our screen preparation department for over 25 years. Have a great retirement Nigel!

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Nigel D leaving retirement party Hanging Up his coveralls

Nigel is Hanging up his Coveralls

RH Technical Industries Ltd. has recently celebrated the career of Nigel D with a small company retirement ceremony. He has been with us for over 25 years but now he is hanging up his coveralls and calling it a day.

His Career

Nigel grew up in the area of Barton Stacey not far from Andover. He found his first major role at BOC working with them for 18 years as a machinist. After this role, he carried his skill forward into his next role working for Corby manufacturing parts for a trouser press company. He eventually came to RH in 1996 where he has been a part of the family ever since.

At RH he worked in the screen preparation department which supports the printing of plastic labels, graphic overlays and membrane keypads. For many years Nigel had the critical responsibility of preparing new screens for the press and then the recovery process that followed their use. A few years ago, RH changed its focus to concentrate the whole team on more creative support for print; moving screen recovery and recycling to a third party. Nigel naturally adjusted his role and then worked solely on preparing screens. Over the last couple of years with isolation due to Covid and hip replacement operations he thought it was a good time to retire.

Nigel's leaving party silver plate - Hanging Up his coveralls

Nigel’s Plan

He is looking forward to his retirement and once his hips have fully healed, he will be off to enjoy some long walks in the towns and countryside around Hampshire. Other plans are to work on his garden and care for his mother. Perhaps later this year he might head to the beach and enjoy a little holiday in Weymouth. His other hobbies include supporting his favourite football team, Manchester City and listening to heavy metal.

On the note of Heavy Metal, Steve the MD recalled one afternoon some years ago when he was hosting a company audit of the factory. During this meeting with a client, the soft sound of metal started to come forth from below. Nigel normally had the afternoon slot on the stereo in Screen Prep, but on this day the volume was a touch louder than normal. The guest smiled and said, “Cool, I like a bit of Iron Maiden!”

Nigel stated how sad he was to go, but it was the right time. He leaves not only with our love but also with some lovely gifts. He got a case of beer, a book on the history of Manchester City, A Man City garden gnome, A silver engraved salver, a tin of chocolates, a hamper of treats, a mug full of cash, some Screen Prep overalls, a vintage Manchester City wall plaque and a beautiful blue Man City / Cricket / Rock-themed cake from The Travelling Cupcake in Andover.

Nigel D leaving retirement party presents

The Future

As we wish Nigel all the best for the future with a long and lively retirement, we also need to welcome some new blood to the company. RH would like to welcome Charles who has joined our screen-printing department as a Trainee Printer / Machine Operator, and Tina who has joined us temporarily in our assembly department.