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Growing and improving services for all!

RH has increased its manufacturing space to help streamline production and give the business room to grow. Improving services for all!

RH Unit 3 expansion after refit

Growing and improving services for all!

With the growing need for more space within our manufacturing facilities, our production footprint is now larger. We recently added Unit 3 of Magellan Close to our property lease, which means we now run the whole site. With a bit of simple mathematics, you will realise this means we are now 50% bigger in our floor space. This is vitally important to improving services for all, customers and staff!

Streamlining for the future

Having more space means we are able to streamline our departments for a better ergonomic production process. Simple changes like moving the heavy materials stores from the upper mezzanine to the ground level will save a great amount of time on forklifts. The plan is to hopefully make the movement of work linear. From the front door and engineering through to QC and despatch in the new unit. This also means an improvement to the staff working environment. Luckily, we are already seeing a difference in the way jobs are manufactured, and we still haven’t finished moving all the departments around yet.

RH Unit 3 empty - Front    RH Unit 3 empty - Side section completely removed
Before Pictures: Empty Unit and side section we completely removed.

We would like to share a few pictures and videos. Some before and after shots to give you an idea of these significant changes to the business. As our progress takes shape we will share further update as they happen. Like the imminent moving of the QC department to their new home. We have no doubts at all that this growth will have a direct relationship to better performance and customer satisfaction over the coming years!