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A Graphic Overlay that is Fit for Purpose

When your product is situated in harsh outdoor environments it makes sense to design the interface with a Graphic Overlay that will last.

Graphic Overlays
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A Graphic Overlay that is Fit for Purpose

We want to share a brief case study on a graphic overlay we supplied for a security access control panel. As a new customer, the brief was to design a robust graphic overlay for a rugged security access control keypad. The device’s access codes are controlled and monitored via a wireless link, with each product containing an independent power supply. The access control lock is ideal for remote use or mains free sites in some of the harshest locations and working environments. Our printed graphic overlay creates the user’s interface, operating over tamper-proof mechanical ball baring switches. Finally, product branding was also an essential requirement since the product was likely to be branded for different companies.

Following the Engineering review, RH proposed a UV stabilised polyester overlay for durability with embossed keypad positions for prominence. The keys themselves display a glossy metallic chrome/silver finish set against a lightly printed textured background. This tactile black matt background matches the rugged metal enclosures of this range of products. All designed so one overlay will ergonomically work in a selection of different sized devices. The print is applied to the reverse face of the overlay to give the inks ample protection behind the polyester. Finally, two sensors protrude through the surface at the bottom of the graphic overlay to better allow connection from mobile devices to the internal Bluetooth capabilities of this security locking system.

Case Study Security Control Graphic Overlay Close Up

Translating our experience into practical solutions

Such a product like this is meant to last. To be not only impervious to the extremes of weather but also sturdy against vandalism. Therefore, the user interface/graphic overlays must be up to the specifications of the design. Choosing a suitable material to last the wear and tear of daily use is essential. It is equally vital to choose the right mix of inks and then protect them versus abrasion and fading. This knowledge is where our RH engineering department excels. Our team can work with your product designers to offer solutions, designing cost out and reliability in. We can then translate our experience into a practical solution that meets your product needs, from concept to rapid prototyping, manufacturing to delivery.

If you are designing a new product or you would like to improve an existing one. Ask us to review concept design and design options for your graphic overlay, industrial label or membrane keypads. Together we can make your Graphic Overlay, or other products, fit for purpose and stand out from the crowd.

Case Study Security Control Graphic Overlay 2