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Fresh off the press… Order a set of RH free print Samples today!

RH Free Print Samples

Order your Free Print Samples today!

RH technical industries ltd. is pleased to announce that we have completed a set of free print samples. These samples illustrate a number of different capabilities that have solved many Human Machine Interface (HMI), custom graphic overlay and plastic label needs. Perhaps you are a design engineer looking for inspiration on your need project? Maybe your current supplier isn’t as creative as you may like. These samples may lead to a unique solution to your specific HMI requirements. RH have the experience to make your bespoke solutions work!

Why not order yourself a free, no-obligation set of samples? It might just improve how your product both looks and functions. To order a set of samples, click the link below and fill in your details! Then, sit back and await your samples to arrive shortly afterwards!


Sample One: Digital Print
RH Digital Sample TOP DOWN Free Print Samples

This print sample on a gloss polyester substrate demonstrates the printing capabilities of our digital press. This type of design easily represents fine detail and gradient colour changes. The digital press is eight colours, including light cyan, light magenta and two dense spot whites to support a vast spectrum of colours that will emulate almost the entire range of Pantone colours. The embossed buttons give an operator an enhanced look and feel and the clear spaces aid under button backlighting. The larger window may contain a LED screen or some other form of display. Finally, combining under-surface and over-surface prints can create a fantastic finish for graphic overlays.

Sample Two: Screen Print
RH Ink Sample Top Down Free Print Samples

This screen-printed sample shows off a small variety of unique colours that can be achieved through special in-house print technics. Iridescent or metallic inks can make your product stand out against the competition. We also pushed the definition of small print on this sample to highlight what detail is possible. The text in some areas of this sample is as small as 5 points, with multiple colours holding a tight registration. We also placed Spacer Dots in the clear window. RH prints spacer dots on the rear of an overlay to keep two gloss surfaces apart to prevent “Newton Rings” They are most often used in the display area of a control panel and, although just visible, are not seen when the display is illuminated.

Sample Three: Resin Doming
close up RH Resin Dome Free Print Samples

This sample demonstrates the benefits of digital printing on a mirrored polyester substrate. The matt feels of the surface printed inks, combined with selective resin, make this sample engaging and attractive. The use of selective resin doming to build rigid tactile buttons greatly benefits market sectors where hands may be covered in PPE protection. These buttons can be felt through even the thickest of protective gloves. Please note on the sample that the resin doming can fit into unique sizes and shapes, offering plenty of visual possibilities. Once it sets, the resin is a very durable and protective polymer that will safely encapsulate any print or details below it in all sorts of environment settings.

Special sample requirements

We plan to create some other free print samples in the near future to display even more capabilities. However, these three new samples will be a great starting place for any project discussions, offering ideas and print solutions to consider in the design of your next custom graphic overlay project! If you have a particular need beyond these samples, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly to receive a person-to-person call. Our Customer Services, Sales or Engineering departments will be able to help you straight away! Call RH Technical Industries Ltd. on: 01264 721450