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Dedication is something special these days!

Thanks, Malcolm for Thirty-nine years of dedication to RH. We hope you have a great retirement, and you will be greatly missed!

Dedication is something special!Malcolm Lowe RH Retirement after 39 years

Dedication is something special!

14th Feb 1983; Maggy and Ronnie were in power, Liverpool was top, Number 1 was ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work, and a young Malcolm started work at RH Technical Industries Ltd. Encouraged by his father Don, who worked in RH’s Machine Departments. Malcolm applied for the role of Assistant Storeman – a position he thought would be temporary. Little did he realise the rest of his professional career would be with one employer? This dedication is something special these days. A sign that shows that Malcolm and RH were a perfect working fit for each other.

After a three-month probationary period, Malcolm was taken on permanently with a letter from his supervisor saying, “Your hard work and conscientiousness during your trial period is greatly appreciated, and we hope this will continue into the future” – well I think we can safely say long into the future!

By 1984 Malcolm had moved departments and was now a Machine Operator. In June 1987, he took on the role of First Aid Officer responsible for units F, G and J on-site at Nickel Close Winchester. He also volunteered to drive work between offices in the company milk-float, our early attempt at an electric company vehicle. In 1990 his role changed to Machine Operator Grade 1, with special responsibility for Wiedemann programming, and thus marking the start of a long association (marriage!) with CNC punch technology. From 1990 – 2021 Malcolm along his brother Nige have been our Turret Press gurus. Making them both important contributors to our continual quality producing Aluminium machined overlays and support panels.

Part of the family

Before RH, Malcolm had worked nine years as a Foreman and Mechanic at Alan Lear Motorcycles in City Road, Winchester. A love that never left him as he still loves cruising and working on his Harley Davidson today. Besides Motorcycles, Malcolm’s other hobbies, as stated on his 1983 application form, were Darts, Stamps & Badminton – not all simultaneously!  Astonishingly exactly the same hobbies as his brother Nige who also started in 1983! Then his youngest brother Paul started in the 90s when he was old enough to join his two brothers. You can see them all in the final frame of the video together. When you add their father and sisters brief time in service to the company you will find there has been a Lowe onsite since 1978. That’s 43 years straight, and the five of them have worked a stagging cumulative total of 124 years for RH. Wow!

The brothers three - Malcolms retirement

A fond farewell

So finally, 39 years later, Malcolm wants to start his retirement with the festive season approaching. We all heartily wished him the very best for the future at a special presentation on his last day. Malcolm was presented with a beautiful Harley Davidson themed cake from The Travelling Cupcake in Andover. He also received a flagon of Cider, Swarfega, WD40, some caravan cleaner, a motorbike cleaning kit. He was awarded a vintaged embossed Wiedemann sign and an engraved Retirement Salver from Test Valley Trophies more poignantly. Then finally, the proceeds of a company ‘whip round’ will go to refurbishing his motorcycle helmet! Thank you for your outstanding commitment over all these years of service!

Malcolm's cake from The Travelling Cupcake in Andover   

The local Andover Advertiser also ran an article for Malcolm!

New Blood

For any young ‘Malcolms’ out there looking for a new start, we would like to think that RH is still an excellent place for a career after all these years. With a culture that encourages staff to have a good work/life balance. For those who relish quality with excellent results, the work can be interesting and challenging, where there is always room to enhance your skills and grow professionally. Finally, a place where the company benefits and personal approach make you feel like an individual rather than a cog in the machine!