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Case Study: Selective Resin Doming……A Winning Solution!

RH helped design steering wheel touch controls for a major motor racing team. We found that a Membrane Keypad with Selective Resin Doming, operating over a metal dome, gave the right positive tactile response as well as good finger location.

Case Studies
Rally Racing Car in mud - Resin Doming used on the steering wheel controls

Selective Resin Doming……A Winning Solution!

When RH helped design the steering wheel touch controls for a major motor racing team, it was critical to consider that the driver’s operation of these controls would be through a gloved hand. In racing conditions where protective clothing shields the driver from possible injury, it is reasonable to understand that their touch and feel will be somewhat limited. Possible solutions to this problem were to emboss or add a resin dome to make the controls more prominent. In this case, we found that Selective Resin Doming the surface of the Membrane Keypad, over a metal dome switch, gave the proper positive tactile response. The dome’s construction and switch created a raised button that, when depressed physically, clicks and would be felt through the gloves’ material.


Domes versus Embossing

A resin dome’s benefit compared with conventional embossing is that you can build a resin dome much higher. Embossing can impress up to 0.6mm, whereas a resin dome can be three times higher. The resin also makes a difference to the key’s cosmetic appearance, helping the controls stand out. The final benefit of the Selective Resin Dome process is that you can control the domes exact shape. Rather than flooding the substrate with resin held by surface edge tension, the Selective Resin Dome design can have a precise shape within the overlay’s edges. The shapes maintained by adding an invisible varnish over the surface of a graphic overlay. This perimeter will keep the resin within any contour you desire. In this particular case, both circles and squares are positioned on the overlay for fast and responsive thumb control.

Selective Resin Doming Diagram

Similar applications of this process have included military, medical, emergency services and rugged outdoor equipment. If this sounds of interest to your next project, please contact RH. We will be pleased to assist you with all the options.