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Are you looking for quality in the fine detail?

RH's CNC turret press offers accurate and detailed material punching, creating a wide range of apertures ideal for buttons and switches.

CNC Turret Punch Press fine precision detail - membrane keypads membrane switches membrane keyboards graphic overlay

CNC Turret Press: Are you looking for quality in the fine detail?

One asset RH utilises for creating excellent product detail is our automated CNC turret press. These punch presses can create openings in sheet metal ideal for situating parts, such as buttons and switches. The tooling used is a punch and die set; this punch pushes the material through the die creating the cutting action. The press rates at 15 Tons of available force limiting the thickness of materials that can be punched to 3mm. Along with aluminium panel work, RH has expanded on this original function to include other materials such as polyester.

Owning all the standard connectors and switch punches available, means we can pass on savings to our customers as they may not require standard fixed tooling. Finally, a CNC press doesn’t struggle with removing waste that may get stuck in a traditional form, making the process much quicker and easier to run.

We offer a wide range of tooling solutions

The computer numerical control (CNC) turret press enables accurate, high-speed piercing of repetitive or complicated products. It can generate punches in most sizes from 1.0mm to 50mm DIA while holding a similar gutter clearance between cuts. However, we would recommend 1.3mm as a safe minimum tolerance. Squares and rectangles have many different permutations, but the chance we will have the desired tool is high due to standardisation. The press can also use a smaller tool to nibble larger unique shapes. This technique gets around the size limitations of the device. If required, the final aperture can be filed (hand dressed) to enhance the final product’s visual appearance. Over time, we have compiled a wide range of unique press tools that really offer a wide range of solutions.

one of many cnc turret punch press tool boxes

A punch may be less flexible than a laser at cutting compound shapes, but a punch press is far quicker than a laser at repetitive shapes. A laser needs to cut every edge while the punch passes through the material in one impact. For example, if your product requires a grid of fine holes for perhaps a speaker installation behind a graphic overlay, this process will give you the necessary detail and accuracy. To summarise, our CNC turret press can save money and time whilst automating fine details down to a millimetre with none of the typical pitfalls of a fixed tool. Don’t be afraid of intricate detail; we have it covered! Contact us to talk through your next project.

Basic Facts:

  • Press Force                         15 tons
  • Punch Speed                      200pm
  • Punching Accuracy            ±0.125 mm
  • Punching Capacity             75mm dia in 3.0mm mild steel
  • Max Tools                           20
  • Throat Depth                     1050 mm
  • Table Travel                        X/Y Axis  -1030 mm
  • Table Sheet Capacity         1m x 1m (without sheet repositioning)
    and 1m x 2m (with sheet repositioning)