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Celebrating a successful year at RH

As 2022 draws to a close, the Staff at RH Technical Industries Ltd. take a moment to celebrate a successful year!

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RH 2022 Xmas Meal Tables and Staff - Celebrating a successful year at RH

Celebrating a successful year at RH

RH technical Industries Ltd. just held its 2022 Christmas party. After a long year with plenty of hard work and the odd Covid scare. (Thankfully, with ongoing protective measures always in place, everyone has stayed safe.) The RH staff finally had the opportunity to celebrate a positive and productive year. A chance to let their hair down, note how we have grown, and especially take pride in the essential medical manufacturing RH has supplied over the last several years of lockdown. It was great to celebrate a successful year at RH!

Gifts RH 2022 Xmas Meal

Making a difference to everyday people

RH staff have played a critical part in creating Membrane Keypads to construct lifesaving electronic devices and equipment. We take heart that our manufacturing has saved many lives for many individuals who otherwise may not be here today. Most of those people can now celebrate Christmas with their own families!

 “We thank our staff for their dedication and diligence and our customers for their trust!” – Steve Steckler, MD.

The RH family celebrates

All the staff sat in their teams and attended a 3-course dinner at the White Hart Hotel in Andover. After a choice of meals, including the obligatory Turkey roast and Christmas pudding, Steve presented a roundup of both this year and the lockdown. As well as thanking everyone in the company, he also honoured six “delayed” long service awards to essential staff members.

  • Nuno (Screen Printing) – 11 years
  • David (Digital Print) – 11 years
  • Paul (Second Ops) – 11 years
  • Ed (Production) – 12 years
  • Kris (Engineering) – 25 years
  • Liz (HR) – 27 years


Steve and Liz RH 2022 Xmas Meal

Treats for all!

All the long service awardees received a commemorative engraved glass clock, and a gift of their choice, as well as a large selection of treats in a wicker hamper with a heartfelt commendation. Steve followed up these awards with a company raffle where every staff member won something nice, from a day off work, to gift vouchers to bubbly and sweets. Then as each staff member departed, they also received a bottle of RH Branded Wine. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed this much-deserved break from work and filled them with plenty of Christmas cheer!