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Membrane Keypads

New Products Development for 2024

Are you planning new product development for 2024?

Make your new product development for 2024 perfect! RH will mitigate any possible manufacturing problems to remove...

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Tactile vs Non Tactile Membrane Keypad with embossed buttons

Tactile vs Non-Tactile Membrane Keypads: Which interface is best for you?

Tactile versus non-tactile Membrane Keypads . While each provides the same basic functionality, the user experience...

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RH printed silver circuitry for custom membrane keypad design and membrane switches

Two essential factors in custom membrane keypad design – reliability and cost!

Knowing a Custom Membrane Keypads design requirement at the early stages of the production process helps...

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A medical syringe pump in a hospital intensive care ward. Membrane Keypads are Perfect for the Medical Sector- membrane keypads membrane switches membrane keyboards graphic overlay

5 Reasons Membrane Keypads are Perfect for the Medical Sector

When it comes to designing new medical equipment, it may be useful to recall 5 reasons...

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