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Case Study: Plastic labels with sequential codes

End users want products with higher levels of accountability. The need for plastic labels with QR codes, barcodes and sequential coding is growing.

Case Studies
Plastic label with sequential numbers and QR code - membrane keypads membrane switches membrane keyboards graphic overlay

Case Studies: Plastic labels with sequential codes

RH have found that our customers increasingly ask for unique custom printed label solutions. End users want products with higher levels of accountability. The need for QR, barcodes and plastic labels with sequential codes displayed on high-value products is growing. Adding information like the manufacturing date and part codes help with component identification. Knowing which batch code is on an item greatly helps companies with traceability for R&D, proof of origin (genuine parts), quality and stock control.

Industrial, medical, aerospace and military markets often demand these relevant codes. These industries need to meet strict criteria and be fit for purpose. A life may depend on it!

Military plastic labels with QR and product codes

One particular military application required graphic overlays for the control keys and plastic labels for the product enclosure to be traceable. This mission-critical equipment needed to have a complete service and deployment history. Therefore, these components must carry a unique code. The overlay fitted to the front of these membrane switches must bear both a QR code that, when scanned, link to a central database. Then the printed sequential code number is entered into this system to call up the device’s history.

The secondary plastic label is a hand-applied adhesive label added to the product enclosure during component construction. This functional sticker shares information regarding the batch number and manufacturers creation date. Thus, in this case, a label is not decorative but could be if the need arises. The sole purpose of this type of label is accurate, readable content made to outlast the products life cycle.


Custom Labels QR Codes
A sample sheet of QR Codes

A world of solutions

From the arctic circle to the equator, no matter where this equipment goes, the weather and working conditions must not damage the legibility or functionality. It is highly critical that the print must be robust versus any and all working conditions. On this occasion, the labels supplied are durable polyester kiss-cut sheets. However, we can offer many different substrate solutions depending on the design situation and product use. Amongst these materials are PVC, Polycarbonate, Polyester and Acrylic.

In conclusion, if you require unique labels, stickers or overlays with special features, we are more than happy to suggest a possible solution. QR codes, Barcodes and incremental readable codes need not be a pain point in your product tracking!