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A simple solution to a complex need

Rubber keypads can provide outstanding and reliable performance in rugged working conditions where components may encounter water, dust, chemicals, vandalism or extreme temperatures.

Rubber Keypads
Aviation rugged Graphic overlay with Rubber Keypads GPU

A simple solution to a complex need

RH developed this interface for the Ground Crew in the Aviation Sector. It blends different technologies with rubber keypads to create a simple solution to a complex need. When an aircraft touches down, a portable GPU (Ground Power Unit) connects to an aircraft to recharge the onboard batteries. Therefore, this device will spend much of its life out on the runway between aircraft.

houchin on off buttons GPU 2    houchin directional buttons GPU

Safety in the elements

Due to the safety considerations, the Ground Crew needed this unit to be both weather-resistant and electrically secure. Our solution was to design a robust graphic overlay with an inset rubber keypad. The position of the rubber keys insulates the unit against a possibly dangerous discharge. Under these keys were positioned tactile metal domes that contact into a flexible copper circuit below. The construction of the unit’s chunky rubber buttons makes the GPU durable and responsive when operated by a gloved hand, as included in the concept design specification.

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