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Rapid Prototyping

RH Technical Industries low cost rapid prototyping service supports customer product development incorporating membrane switch keypads, industrial fascias and labels

We utilise a range of production methods depending on prototype complexity. These may include a combination of digital and screen print to achieve a cosmetic finish, supported by programmable X-Y soft tooling for cutting and profiling.

Rapid prototyping can accelerate design lead time, reduce R&D costs, enable you to rapidly proof and evaluate design changes, ensure seamless transfer from concept right through to production.

Ideal for product modelling, in house design meetings, client meetings, evaluating design changes, Product launches, Exhibitions, Photo shoots, Test marketing.

Under normal circumstances production tooling for membrane keypads can take up to 2-3 weeks after design and are a significant contributor to the non-recurring engineering costs at the start. Using this facility it is possible to produce a fully functional prototype within days instead of weeks and at a very modest cost. All we need is your layout drawings in hard copy or electronic format (or we do it for you) and we do the rest. The prototype will be exactly the same in appearance as a production sample and modifications are fast and simple to do even after the first prototype, so now you and your customers can be completely sure of exactly what is wanted with the minimum amount of cost before any costly commitment has been made.

Production can then take place with the added comfort of knowing that a design has been fully trialled and approved.